Forever Ahead Community

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Covering West Essex & East Herts, United Kingdom

The Recovery Community® (trading as Forever Ahead Community) is a Company Limited by Guarantee in England | No: 11838325

The Recovery Community® and Forever Ahead® are registered Trademarks

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Counselling and Recovery Service

At Forever Ahead Community, mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards.  Our vision is to provide sustainable and accessible structured counselling and recovery support, administered inline with BACP ethical guidelines.  

Our core activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps our clients reach their goals and fulfill their potential.  Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us to bring about your positive, lasting change.  

Our Mission Statement

Forever Ahead Community are passionate about supporting people who suffer with stress, anxiety and depression  - including any issues that are linked to the deterioration of your well-being, enabling everyone to access structured counselling and recovery support.  Our aim is simple.  To combine life and wellbeing together.  

Our philosophy and vision

This standard of Excellence ensures we deliver the same, high quality counselling to all clients

and centers around the Six X’s of our Service:

  1. Excellence in counselling and therapeutic recovery support

  2. Excellence for all people of all ages, including the carers and families of our clients  

  3. Excellence in well-being, promoting social integration within the community   

  4. Excellence in recovery focused activities and a wide range of support groups, most of which are either volunteer or peer led

  5. Excellence in training and placement opportunities for students, volunteers, peer mentors and employees

  6. Excellence in linking community resources and activities to our clients

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